What is the Whole 30?

The Whole 30 is simple. Focus on eating a good source of animal protein (beef, chicken, pork, etc), a good source of fat (coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, etc) and fill your plate with vegetables, throw in the occasional fruit. Avoid any additives, sugars, legumes, grains, alcohol, or dairy. Do not attempt to recreate junk food (no Whole 30 desserts!), and do not weigh or measure yourself. These are your only rules for the Whole 30, but there are a few more recommendations to be aware of: Avoid snacking, avoid drinking your meals instead of chewing them (as in the case of a smoothie or paleo protein shake made with egg whites), and limit vegetable oils. That’s it. Simple. 

Why would I want a coach?

Because everything is more fun when you aren’t alone! When you’re doing any lifestyle change, you can always benefit from a support system. That’s why I am here! I want to see you succeed, and I can help you do just that. I have (as of May 2018) completed 8 full rounds of Whole 30. Let my experience and passion help you find success.

What can you offer me?

I currently offer 1-1 coaching to individuals in the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties. I may expand my offerings in the future. To preserve my work/family balance (homeschool mom!) I also must limit the number of clients I accept to 4 Whole 30ers per month. This may mean that you have to wait for a month or two, but it also means you’ll get plenty of attention! If you’re waiting for a round of Whole 30, you may choose to do a shopping tour in preparation.

What is your scope of coaching practice?

The Basic Whole 30: You’ll get 4 (1 hour) sessions with me, either face-to-face in a restaurant or coffee shop, or over video chat. We’ll meal plan together, make shopping lists, talk about all you’re feeling and experiencing. These sessions will be customized to your Whole 30. You’ll also have access to me throughout the week. $200

Shopping Tours: I’ll help you navigate your grocery store and teach you to read labels like a pro! This can be a stand-alone service, or an add-on to the basic package. $75 per hour.

Food Freedom Coaching: You’ve completed your Whole 30 . . . now what!? I can help you decide what your food freedom looks like. These coaching sessions last 30 minutes and occur face-to-face, or over video chat. This is also a great way to continue your Whole 30 journey with me, without a full round. $30 per session.

How will you communicate with me?

My clients are able to communicate with me via text and emails. I do my best to answer ASAP, but please keep in mind that I’m a homeschooling mother (I always have my kids!), and my family comes first. I also typically keep my phone on silent each Sunday as I take a day of rest. I appreciate your understanding!