Where I shop in Indy


Hey Indianapolis Whole 30ers! Shopping in Indy is getting easier and easier, so I thought I would throw out a quick list of all the ways I fuel my Whole 30 lifestyle in Indy.

*Not everything I list may be Whole 30 compliant, but all fit in my food freedom.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

I do a lot of shopping here! They have several locations, which makes it easy for me to make quick trips while I’m out with my kids. Their weekly sales are fan-freakin-tastic, especially if you visit on a Thursday and take advantage of double ads. Some of my favorites to grab at Fresh Thyme are produce, animal proteins, Whole 30-approved bacon, RxBars, kombucha, non-dairy yogurt, Vital Proteins collagen, Siete chips and tortillas, nut butters, Nutpods, Tessemae’s, Primal Kitchens. I sometimes even order online through Amazon Prime Now.


I can do a complete round of Whole 30 from my local Aldi! Maybe I will chronicle that in the future (let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that!) but for now, let me list what I stop in about once a week to get: pistachios, produce, canned tomatoes, jars of marinara, salsa, baby food packets, fruit leather, animal proteins (but watch out for carrageenan), and occasionally kombucha. I also buy my jasmine rice here, which is a staple for my family.


Ah, the trusty stand-by. This is another store I can use to do a complete round of Whole 30. There are a few things, however, I CANNOT get at my Kroger: compliant lard, compliant bacon, compliant BBQ sauces, “fancy” produce (like shaved brussel sprouts). I live outside the downtown area, but not in the suburbs,¬† so my Kroger isn’t one of the new market locations. I am aware that some newer stores carry a wider variety of compliant and approved products. My favorite part of Kroger, though, is Clicklist. I order online and pick it up without getting out of my car. All the praise hands.


I don’t shop here terribly often, because I don’t have a ton of pantry space to store the bulk items. Some things are just worth it, though, and I do have a small chest freezer in my basement. Here are my favorites: coffee, canned coconut milk, almond milk, olives, marinara, nuts, nut butters, Kerrygold butter, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil, frozen wild-caught fish, frozen vegetables, frozen berries, animal proteins (especially organic chicken), eggs, canned salmon and tuna, mayo. I know some locations carry RxBars and Vital Proteins, so I am looking forward to that at my store!

Whole Foods

My family absolutely adores our new downtown Whole Foods location! The hot bar makes eating out much easier for us. Plus, we enjoy wandering around finding what we call “splurge” items: new paleo treats, a funny produce item, or fish with their eyes (my toddler LOVES that!). We take advantage of sales each week, often scoring Whole 30 compliant chicken sausages, bacon, grass-fed and pastured animal proteins, and organic produce at really great prices. Just watch their ads, and only buy what you actually need.

Farmers Markets

I hope this one is obvious! We should all support our local farmers and producers as much as possible, and Indy has several markets to do just that. I frequent the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, and in the winter, the Indy Winter Farmers Market. My husband and I ride our bikes and pack up our baskets. Surrounding neighborhoods have other markets, like the Irvington market which runs once a month from June through October. I try to buy as much local, seasonal produce as possible here, plus grass-fed and pastured animal proteins, locally roasted coffees, and local Revival Foods almond butters. To make it even better, there’s often live music and great art to enjoy while you’re there. My husband and I like to make it a Saturday morning date.

Tyner Pond Market

If you’re ever on the eastside of Indy, stop by Tyner Pond! They are a small food market, catering to those of us who don’t follow the SAD (Standard American Diet) way of life. Their farm, Tyner Pond, raises cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys humanely. I’ve actually visited the farm in Greenfield, Indiana with my kids, and it was beautiful. You can order online, or visit the store to purchase their meats, sausages, bacon, eggs, and lard. We also love grabbing a meal at their restaurant, The Mug! I highly recommend a hamburger with bacon and a fried egg on a gluten-free bun with sweet potato fries. Amen. The store also carries local produce, coffee, sourdough bread, and gluten free bread. Plus plenty of non-local products that can help you live your best paleo/primal/vegan/pegan/locavore life.


Just to make things more interesting, I also have a Shipt subscription. Right now, that means I can order through Meijer. I typically don’t have the best luck there, so I don’t make this a normal practice. When someone in the house is sick, though, it’s super helpful to order the basics, like animal protein and produce. I took advantage of the Mother’s Day sale for $49.

I think that sums up my food shopping life! Indianapolis friends, what did I miss?


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